Being the Glass half full kinda gal, I like to pretty much try to be positive as much as I can be. However, I don’t think a blog has to be all Unicorn and Rainbows so If I had to talk about the least fave part of my trip well guess what? I got one.  That’s right, Its whiny time and I don’t mean anything by it except for perhaps I feel it’s a bit comical.


So we decided to travel to this small town (called Beuvais) last night, We call it BEAVIS… ah he he he he he) where our flight is leaving from,  so we wouldn’t have to scramble to travel 100 miles and catch our plane early this morning.


The bus ride was a visually aesthetic one and I kept looking for Julie Andrews b/c we were seriously driving past some rolling fields with mile and miles of bright yellow flowers! The grass is greener then any grass I have ever seen! See the Grass IS Greener on the other side!


 After a disappointing realization that I was not going to see the Von Trapp family playing the guitar in the fields, I then decided it would be fun to film Chet who was doing that whole bobble head dance in falling asleep and jolting awake once his head reached as low as it would go on his neck. Over and over, this dance continued and I will be making a music video to this one.

By the way, anyone know anything about narcolepsy? I seriously think my fiancée has a mild case of it. The man can’t stay awake! As I type this he is sleeping next to me. He fell asleep about oh 2 milliseconds after we got on the plane. It’s almost like I am traveling alone sometimes! Cue little violin music of me having to deal with Chet sleeping while I am touring Europe.  Wah Wah. LOL

After we woke up this morning, In hindsight, there was clearly a miscommunication on a “shuttle” as the guy told us 7:42 am last night, 7:47 this morning, then 8 pm then 7 pm .. then I don’t know what the hell he was saying.



The lovely thing is that it is raining and freezing outside and we were told to wait for the shuttle in front of the hotel (where there is NO shelter at all?)  and I have no real coat or any winter wear so out comes the snuggie which I put completely over my head and body to keep myself from getting soaking wet. For those that don’t know what a snuggie is, it is one of those “As SEEN ON TV” blankets with the arms cut out of them that looks absolutely ridiculous.

  I looked like a Blue Casper the Ghost or better yet, the Blue Diva from the movie the fifth Element. If I didn’t look ridiculous enough, I was also wearing a backpack on top of the blanket.

 Lucky me… there was a hole in the snuggie so I used that little bitty hole to use one eye to look out of even furthering the complete ridiculousness of the situation.


After we realized the front desk French guy was probably giving us directions to the mall instead of answering our question about the shuttle, I got us a cab.

Hey.. the fun doesn’t stop there!  We then realized we were overpacked by well, about 250 dollars! Hmm slight oversight. Memo pick up another suitcase in Rome!


So now Chet is sleeping next to me and I am having some champagne. Yes It is only 9 am in the morning but what the heck!

No offense to the French, you are lovely people but I don’t know how everyone here does not weigh 600 pounds. My stomach looks like I am 5 months pregnant from all the bread and cheese.  Do French people eat Vegatables at all? Ever? I haven’t seen one veggie since I have been here. I never thought I would say this but I am craving Broccoli and Carrots. Is that just wrong on every level?

I am fully aware that American food is toxic and a joke but still Veggies maybe? Or some seasoning on the fries would be kinda good. Don’t mind me, I am just being an obnoxious American.

By the way, French do NOT hate Americans. They are lovely, kind people and just like us.  If you are obnoxious and running around carrying a huge football shaped beer Viking  keg with a hat and straw attached and screaming “YEWWWW!” with your belly hanging out, I am sure they might be a bit put out.

Take the time to learn a bit of their language, dress nice and use your manners and they treat you like Gold.

Today is actually a rest up day as we are both nursing colds and need a day of rest since we have been walking from 8 am until about 5 am every day since we got here five days ago.

Tomorrow morning, we visit Ancient Rome!

Here’s looking at you kids!