Disclaimer:These blogs are written like a Diary. I don’t care to go back and write bigger words, spell check or write a sentence differently so it “flows” better. This is a Diary/Blog and there are going to be grammatical errors. Please all you Grammar Natzi’s get over it. If you want to read one of my literary/journalism pieces you can go here.


  1. Don’t crash a Catholic Pilgrimage in the rain unless you want to be kneeling on the hard concrete in a puddle of dirty rain water for 20 minutes.
  2. Irish Coffee works wonders to unnumb your hands.
  3. It’s freaking Freezing in Paris in May!
  4.  There is nothing to eat in Paris except Bread.

Today was an interesting day. It is always hard to get me up on any given morning no matter where I am in the world,  but it is ESPECIALLY hard to get me out of the warm bed when its cold AND rainy outside and all I have are summer dresses!

Having to check out today b/c we are going to another town ( much closer to airport to Italy), we decided to leave suitcases with Concierge and hike around Paris again to see what kind of trouble we could get into for one more day!

First stop, breakfast in a little Mom and Pop restaurant in the Latin District in the Notre Dame neighborhood. Our witty waiter greeted us with his impression of an American, saying “BON JOOOER” over and over and playing with us.. so we played along. He was really fun. I decided on a big VAT of Cheese Fondue so I can be bloated for the next week. Why not?

We then stumbled upon yet another ancient Church and took a tour through it. I somehow find myself obsessed with kneeling down and praying for all my sick friends in hoping that maybe with enough prayer, I can really make a difference. It never hurts to hope and have faith. Better to be with, then be without.

These Churches are built with the most delicate detail. It seems they spent so much more care and time building things over here back in the day. As if people really cared about their religious ideals and the places they worshipped.  So much marble, bronze gilded leafing and intricate carving. Gargoyles are prevalent on these Gothic Church buildings which I find odd b/c I don’t associate religion with Gargoyles. Shows how much I know, right?  I suppose I need to research the symbolism but for me, it reminds me of Greek Mythology, not Christ or God.

The second church we came across was the Church of St ( Dave?)  Chappelle and well known for it’s gigantic stained glass roof. A true vision to behold. I took a lot of photos. There are plenty of places to light candles for your loved ones and there are many people taking advantage of this.

Because it was so cold today, we made frequent stops at café’s for coffee, cappacino’s and Coffee drinks. I am seriously tweaked at the moment from so many! (One Irish coffee, Chet flung across the table and soaked me and my tablet with) but the second one I got to drink!  Of yeah and the the third! Those will warm me up for about 2 hours!

After groundhogs day on one train,  (Scenario- we got on and went in the wrong direction, somehow made our way back to the that departure station and got on the wrong direction again doing a complete circle), we decided to go to the War Museum. There we got to walk through exhibits of World War 1 and 2 memoribilia, real war and night Armour and the most intricate and detailed, and bedazzled.. haha,  guns and knives I have ever seen in my life.. hands down. I can’t imagine that the ones we saw were even used in fighting. They looked like they were made for bragging rights only. Look at mine…. Well look at MINE!

They were absolutely beautiful like something a woman would have made. Pearl and precious jewels adorned many of them along with Gold and Silver.  Lots of pictures of those I took as well.

Last but not least, on our way out of the museum, we heard Gregorian type chanting. We made our way over to some type of pilgrimage where there were about 500 people standing in the rain and watching Catholic Mass. Turns out these people walked for three days from some other city.

Why I don’t know.. and for what? I don’t know. All I know is it was pouring down rain and the ground was filthy and puddles of water everywhere and we crashed it and next thing you know,  everyone kneeled down on the ground! I was like.. Oh man what do I do now? So I just did a squat. I didn’t’ want to be disrespecting God and Lord knows I am a religious woman but I didn’t even know what was going on and no offense to God but I am pretty certain he would not want me to be soaking wet the rest of the day. Especially when I only have two pairs of pants because i didn’t know it stays Winter in Paris for ETERNITY!

We took a subway back to the hotel, grabbed out suitcases, took a Cab to the bus stop and now we are on a Greyhound type bus to some small town in France to check into a hotel for the night so we are close to the airport. We are flying to Rome tomorrow to check into our Apartment.

Man I was just starting to understand it when French people were talking to me! I am all MISS fancy pants having little conversations with people here  but nooooooo.. . now I have to learn a whole new language! This whole cultural experience has my brain about ready to explode!

Seems the Italian’s on the bus think I am funny looking because I am wearing my bright blue SNUGGIE.  Whatever.. I am warm and this is all I have. besides my science lab coat I bought at the only store that was open the first night we got there.  Have I mentioned it was cold today?  🙂

Until next time.