You begin to look around you when you travel out of the country and then suddenly it is as if everything becomes so much clearer to you. Why have I been stressing out about the little things?

I don’t know what it is about going to another country but you always seem to have some revelation of some sort, or at least I do. 

The most beautiful things that come to me are the realizations of how precious the simple things are and become.   They have been, of course, all along ( important)  but I just seem to have forgotten that.

For example, one day after I was here,  I began to immediately think about wanting to go home and continue writing more original music and for some reason have the undying passion to want to play them in a small cafe or coffeehouse instead of performing in some big showroom or theater like I have been. Why?

It is the need to want to strip down all things that are so artifical about the Las Vegas and other towns, entertainment scene. The glitz.. the glamour.. the skin.. the eyelashes.. the glitter.. the tight clothes.. the costumes.. the red lipstick.. the heels.  Where the &*(& did the MUSIC GO? 

Who is listening to the music when you have to worry about all this other stuff? I want for people to hear ME sing.. and me alone.. stripped down bare.. with nothing else to distract them from my voice at all.  I want people to hear my words.. the words that came to me when I was broken hearted or so happy I could burst.  The melody I wrote when I lost my best friend or _______ died of cancer.   I want the words to come from my heart and out of my mouth and straight into the hearts of those that are listening to it.

This is what Paris  is doing to me.